Three Essential Items for Motorcyclist

Getting your first motorcycle is a unique and fun experience. Getting out on the open road with family and friends will bring you to places you have never seen before. There are certain essential items to enhance your safety when you get out there on your motorcycle. Wearing the proper attire will make a difference when you ride especially as the weather can be unpredictable in many places.

The first essential item every motorcyclist need is a helmet. Helmets are important as they provide head protection, teeth protection, eye and face injuries. Motorcycle helmets help reduce the risk of a head injury by almost 70% if involved in a crash. Wearing a helmet can also reduce death by about 42% in the event of a crash. Helmets also reduce the risk of injury from potential flying objects like rocks and sand being kicked up by vehicles in front of the rider.

Why it is imperative to wear a helmet

Proper clothing is also important when on a motorcycle. It is not safe to wear shorts, t-shirts or sandals. Wearing layers is important to provide protection of the skin and body in the event of a crash. Warm gloves, boots, and layers will help provide protection. Riding a motorcycle during the day in the summer can cause sunburns and layers will provide that protection. At night time, it’s a lot cooler out and the layers will help keep you warm.

Some motorcycles especially sportbikes do not always come with a windshield. Some cruiser bikes come with a windshield installed. Having a windshield installed will help protect the rider from wind and flying objects on the open road. The windshield will also protect against insects flying into your face or on your helmet. In the event it starts to rain out, the windshield will serve as protection from the rain whipping against you.

Having a new motorcycle can be a lot of fun however it is important to take the necessary precautions to protect your body in the event of an accident or flying debris. For more cool accessories, check out this buying guide.

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